Fly Tying Scissors

Surgical quality, high grade steel scissors are specially developed for the fly tyer, these include specialist razor scissors designed for cutting hair and skins like bucktail, tungsten scissors which with a tungsten coated blade will cut through anything, micro scissors 3.5" or 4" long which are ideal for getting into small places and trimming carefully flies through to specialist scissors like Semperfli 6 finger scissors that will fit in the palm of the fly tyers hand while they work and be constantly available, an innovation for the fly tyer. Fly tying scissors come from great manufacturers including Semperfli, Veniard, Marc Petitjean, & Stonflo.

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6 Finger Fly Tying Scissors

6 Finger Fly Tying Scissors£12.00


Free your hands while fly tying

Marc Petitjean Tool Set #3

Marc Petitjean Tool Set #3£245.00

Veniard Gold Loop 3.5'' Arrow Point Scissors

Veniard Gold Loop 3.5" Arrow Point Scissors£8.50

Veniard Gold Loop 4'' Mosquito Clamp

Veniard Gold Loop 4" Mosquito Clamp£8.50

Veniard Gold Loop 4'' Universal Scissors

Veniard Gold Loop 4" Universal Scissors£8.50

Veniard Gold Loop 4''Heger Scissor Clamp

Veniard Gold Loop 4"Heger Scissor Clamp£9.50

Veniard Gold Loop 4.5'' Mantis Tweezers

Veniard Gold Loop 4.5" Mantis Tweezers£7.00

Anvil Industries 3'' Mini Scissors

Anvil Industries 3" Mini Scissors£21.99

Anvil Straight 4.25'' Long Reach Scissors

Anvil Straight 4.25" Long Reach Scissors£21.99

Anvil Ultimate 4'' Straight Scissors

Anvil Ultimate 4" Straight Scissors£21.99

Fly Debarbing Pliers

Fly Debarbing Pliers£5.99

G Loop 4'' Micro Tip Uni Scissors

G Loop 4" Micro Tip Uni Scissors£11.90

Loon Outdoors 4'' Razor Scissors

Loon Outdoors 4" Razor Scissors£24.99

Loon Outdoors Ergo All Purpose Scissors

Loon Outdoors Ergo All Purpose Scissors£15.99

Marc Petitjean Large Scissors

Marc Petitjean Large Scissors£71.00

Marc Petitjean Medium Scissors

Marc Petitjean Medium Scissors£61.50

Marc Petitjean Small Scissors (Curved)

Marc Petitjean Small Scissors (Curved)£51.90

No. 1 Straight Blade Scissors

No. 1 Straight Blade Scissors£4.60

A pair of small basic scissors with a straight blade.

No. 2 Curved Blade Scissors

No. 2 Curved Blade Scissors£4.60

A pair of small basic scissors with a curved blade.

Renomed Braid Cutter Scissors

Renomed Braid Cutter Scissors£73.90

Renomed Large Curved Scissors

Renomed Large Curved Scissors£49.90

Renomed Large Rounded Tip Scissors

Renomed Large Rounded Tip Scissors£48.50

Renomed Large Straight Scissors

Renomed Large Straight Scissors£48.50

Renomed Large Supercut Scissors

Renomed Large Supercut Scissors£52.90

Renomed Medium Curved Scissors

Renomed Medium Curved Scissors£34.90

Renomed Medium Straight Scissors

Renomed Medium Straight Scissors£33.90

Renomed Small Curved Scissors

Renomed Small Curved Scissors£27.90

Renomed Small Straight Scissors

Renomed Small Straight Scissors£27.90

Renomed Xlb Fine Point Scissors

Renomed Xlb Fine Point Scissors£52.90

Renomed Xlb Rounded Tip Scissors

Renomed Xlb Rounded Tip Scissors£52.90

Streamworks 4.5'' Spring Action Scissors

Streamworks 4.5" Spring Action Scissors£12.99

Veniard Fine Point Scissors

Veniard Fine Point Scissors£13.90

Veniard Gold Loop 5'' Kelly Clamp

Veniard Gold Loop 5" Kelly Clamp£9.90

Veniard Gold Loop De-Barb Pliers

Veniard Gold Loop De-Barb Pliers£13.50

Veniard Gold Loop Razor Scissors

Veniard Gold Loop Razor Scissors£19.90

Veniard Tough Point Scissors

Veniard Tough Point Scissors£14.40

Veniard Universal Tungsten Carbide Scissors

Veniard Universal Tungsten Carbide Scissors£16.50


Fly Tyers Scissors

Used for trimming The Natural and Synthetic Materials To Size. A fly tyer could have a range of various scissors for fly tying. Key is that they are exceedingly sharp and possess a very fine point for close-up work. Scissors can be commonly smaller than utilized by craft or domestic users. Tungsten blades can be used which are tremendous and strong. The blades on scissors might be straight, curved or serrated depending on the cutting needs. Usually fly tyers hold on to two pairs of scissors nearby, one being a workhorse to cut through difficult supplies similar to feather stalks, hair along with tinsel with another pair meant for fine duties like trimming hackles or silks, the second pair frequently possessing smaller finer points. Normally its worth having a razor blade nearby also, in particular if using some different contemporary Kevlar or gel spun silks available, commonly they are stronger than the scissors!


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