Fly Tying Wires

Different Diameter Fly Tying Wires

Wires come from different manufacturers in different thicknesses for sale. Each thickness is used for different types of flies. The table below shows the fly tying wire diameter and the typical usage for that tying wire.

Wire Diameter Typical Usage
0.1mm wire Used for fly tying of dry flies as very fine and also for smaller nymphs sizes 16 and smaller
0.2mm wire This is a thicker wire, this is used for fly tying for general nymphs, lures, streamers and is used on the Copper John and Brassie trout flies
0.3mm wire Thick wire is used for big lures and streamers, pike flies and saltwater lures
Lead wire     Used to add considerable weight to underbody of flies, typically used for czech nymph flies


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