Hair Stackers

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Stonfo - Hair Packer - #651

Stonfo - Hair Packer - #651£13.00

Stonfo - Hair Stacker - #470

Stonfo - Hair Stacker - #470£10.00

Streamworks 2'' Medium Hair Stacker

Streamworks 2" Medium Hair Stacker£14.99

Hair Stackers

A hair stacker is a necessary tool which allows alignment of many differing kinds of fibres like natural materials like elk hair as well as synthetics. Hair stackers come in different sizings ranging from small to magnum typically used for aligning bigger bundles of hair intended for pike lures. To utilise a hair stacker put a small clump of hair into your funnel tips first. Tap the stacker confidently against on surface or bench several times. The tapping aligns each and every one of the tips. Remove the funnel and grasp the tops belonging to the hair fibres cautiously, all of their tips should immediately be perfectly aligned for tying.

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