Dubbing Packets and Dubbing Dispensers

Most fly patters include the use of dubbing materials. There are many different types of material, synthetic or natural avaialble to fly tyers on the market now. Some manufacturers have taken the hard work out of dubbing also with pre-made dubbing rope or brushes so that you can focus on the rest of the tying and fishing. For each fly you may only use a small amount of dubbing but by blending different dubbing together you can add magic to your fly.

We have seperated out the dubbing to make it easier for you. Scroll down to see the following options:

  • Natural Dubbing
  • Synthetic Dubbing
  • Rope & Brush Dubbing
  • Dubbing by Colour



Natural Dubbing


Synthetic Dubbing


Dubbing Ropes & Brushes


Dubbing By Colour


Dubbing Equipment & Tools


Fly Tying Dubbing Tips and Tricks

Dubbing techniques may be simple using a dubbing rope, ready prepared to tie onto the hook, most however is put on waxed threads standard threads with a little dubbing wax applied. Some threads like Semperfli Nano Silk can be split and applied to tube flies, as a skud dub, applied to a wet fly or used to make a caddis fly. To dub fly tying we use a single or blended dubbing wrapping the fibres with a dubbing twister wrapping it around a hook shank which is then fluffed with a dubbing brush before a hackle is applied with hackle pliers to make that perfect fly for that hungry brown trout.

Think about the effect of the dubbing you are looking for scud dub may need to imitate legs, hares ear dubbing provides great nymph dubbing, antron dubbing is a great to add sparkle to a fly.

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