Loon Outdoors - How do I choose a pair of tying scissors?

All Loon Outdoors scissors are sharpened and hand-turned before they leave the Loon Outdoors warehouse is Boise, Idaho and every set is shipped with the Loon Outdoors unconditional guarantee!

One pair to rule them all:

Best to choose a pair of 4 inch scissors which will cover all the basics of fly tying.

  • Ergo All-Purpose Scissors
  • Razer 4" Scissors

Precision is key:

You need a smaller Arrow Point for the precision than a regular 4 inch scissor will provide.

  • Ergo Arrow Point Scissors
  • Ergo Precision Tip Scissors

Big Bugs or lots of hair:

Ideally something larger nearer the 5 inch size or specifically for hairy flies.

  • Ergo Hair Scissors
  • Razor 5" Scissors
4 inch allows multiple use from one scissor Smaller tips allow for precision cutting Longer blades for bigger flies


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