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New Product Launch

Gel Core Micro Fritz!

Gel Core Micro Fritz is ideal for small fly bodies and micro thoraxes from lures to nymphs. With just the right amount of fritz for small flies sizes 16 to 20.

As with all Semperfli Chenilles and Fritz materials these have cores that stop the fibres fallying apart when tying your flies.

Semperfli Stainless Steel Wires

Semperfli Stainless Steel Wire is perfect for the manufacture of your own fly tying brushes or use as a rib on your fly!

Thicknesses available:

Semperfli Classic Waxed Thread 3/0!

Following on from the sussessful Classic Waxed Thread series from Semperfli now there is a thread designed specifically for fly tying for large Salmon, Predator, Streamer flies and for deer hair spinning with its great strength and usually used on hook sizes 8 or larger.

There are 109m / 120 Yards (approx) per spool of Classic Waxed Thread 3/0
Fly in Focus: Gel Core Buzzer
Whilst we can except small Midges to emerge right through winter, in these times of hardship, Trout are still willing take much larger food items.  In particular, standard sized Buzzer dressings are often snapped up.  This gives us license then not to necessarily imitate the tiny naturals size for size, but occasionally step in size.  In fact, it’s often beneficial to offer Trout something that bit larger than the actual naturals, so they stand out in the crowd.  Aside from being a great spring pattern, the Gel Core Buzzer will be extremely successful in the coming months winter.
Naturally, various shades of thread can be used, but black, or dark brown are the prime colours in deep winter. 
A silver wire rib not only provides the all-important segmented effect, but makes the dressing very durable.
The thorax gel core body (superfine fritz) provides a degree of flash and bright orange breathers add the finishing touches. 
These of course can be substituted with white thread if you prefer.
Tying Guide
Hook: #12-16 barbless grub
Rib: Semperfli 0.1mm Stainless Steel Wire
Body: Semperfli Classic Waxed Thread 3/0 Black
Thorax: Semperfli Gel Core Body Black
Breathers: Semperfli Classic Waxed Thread 3/0 Fl. Orange
1: Using CWT 3/0 thread, catch on behind the eye and take a layer of thread slightly round the bend
2: Secure a length of 0.1mm wire at the bend, be sure this extends up to the hook eye to prevent any unwanted step forming.  Now, wind the thread three quarters of the way back up the hook eye.
3: Carefully wind the wire in even open turns until you reach the thread junction and tie off
4: Wind the thread forward and position 4 strands of fl orange 3/0 waxed thread ‘bow tie’ style so the strands sit perpendicular to the hook shank.
5: Take the thread back to the junction where the wire rib was tied off and secure a short length of black gel core body before forming a small, neat thorax.
6: Using a 5-turn whip finish at the head, complete the fly. 
Fishing Tips
Perhaps the key thing when fishing buzzers is to employ an ultra slow retrieve.  Most anglers make the mistake of retrieving too quickly, which in essence does two things. 
  • Firstly your flies will be fishing too fast and therefore appear unnatural. 
  • Secondly, this prevents your flies from sinking very far, so they rarely achieve the required depth. Given that our buzzers are un-weighted, this makes all the difference.   

As with most nymphing tactics, you’re better off searching out a crosswind as this maintains tension on the line and fishes the flies on a seductive curve.  Because fewer Trout rise during winter, combing the water will be the order of the day.

With that, a team of two, or better still, three flies is the best bet.  These should be arranged 3ft apart on a 14ft leader.  TEF fluorocarbon of  5.06lb is a good work horse.  On smaller stillwaters, casts needn’t be very far and your best bet is to focus on the margins.  Larger waters, like reservoirs will perhaps require longer casts of 20 yards or so.  

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