Hook Comparison Chart

There are many hook manufacturers who each name their hooks something different to be unique. How are you supposed to know what hooks are a suitable alternative?

We have combined traditional companies that we all know and love with some of the newer modern companies so you know which hooks are suitable for your flies.


Hook Comparison Chart

Want to see if you can switch from your regular hooks to the Umpqua range? We have made this simple Hook comparison chart to assist you to ensure that you are getting the right hooks.

Style of Hook            Usage    Kamasan Osprey Fulling Mill Tiemco             Umpqua        DAIICHI
Dry Fly Hooks              
Standard Wire, Down Eye, 1X Long Grubs B401


VH251 (Barbless)

31180 5210 U001 1170
Standard Wire, Down Eye Smuts and midges B410   31310 921 U002 1310
Standard Wire, Straight Eye       31480   U003 1110
Sproat Bend, 1X Long, 1X Strong Wet flies B120 VH121 31550 9300 U101 1560
Sproat Bend, 1X Fine Sproat B175 VH120   2312 U102 1550
Down Eye, 2X Long, 2X Strong Nymphs B830


VH231 (Barbless)

31710 5262 U103 1720
Straight Eye, Standard Wire, 2X Short   B100   31165 2457 U201 1130
Puppa, Caddis, Scud, 1X Short, 1X Strong   B110 VH152 31160 205BL U202 1150
Straight Eye, 3X Long   B220   31270 2312 U203 1270
Down Eye, 2X Long   B830       U204 1280
Down Eye, 3X Long, 1X Strong       31530 5263 U301 1720
Down Eye, 4X Long, 1X Strong   B800 VH141 32220 9395 U302 2220
Straight Eye, Stainless, 1X Strong     VH153     U401 2546
Straight Eye, 5X Short, 2X Strong, Egg           U501  
Straight Eye, 1X Strong, Bass           U502 2451      
  Sedges / Caddis B420          


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