Mopster fly fishing in Yorkshire Lakes

Mopster fly fishing in Yorkshire Lakes

Andy Kitchener set out for a day's fishing at Toft Newton Fishery and as every good angler does he asked what has been catching lately, Andy Hutson advised it was Buzzers and the average was 4.5 catches per day. Andy K’s go to fly has always been a Buzzer and he always likes to get better than the average so he set off.

A lovely warm early Summer day and very little drift on the water it was sure to be a beautiful day for boat fishing. After deliberating on where to cast Andy got to it, one of Sandy’s Blank Buster Buzzer on dropper and a Mopster fly on point. Andy had made a couple Fl. Orange and a White Mopster on a size 10 Heavyweight Grub hook.

Fishing slowly allows the flies to drop to approx 8 feet and lifting the rod very slowly in the same way he would fish buzzers before raising the rod again, making the buzzer rise and fall like in nature.

Andy Kitchener’s total catch for the trip was 13, smashing the average catch at Toft Newton Fishery…
Blank Buster Buzzer flies caught 3 nice Trout
Mopster Flies caught 9 beautiful Trout and 1 rather nice 4.5lb Pike hooked right in the corner of the mouth. Not intending to catch Pike it was tricky to free the Mopster but he managed it without injury to the fish or himself.

After his time was up Andy headed back smirking happy with his days fishing, Andy set off in search of a nice pub for a hearty meal.

Another test

Two nights later his mate called tempting him to another trip fishing for evening rise at a private lake, as is tradition a bet was made and off they both went.

Andy wanted to see what else the Mopster flies could do after his previous success, but in true style didn’t let on until he was sure…Swapping his set up round this time Andy put on a weighted Buzzer with Mopster on point, and started catching almost instantly. Because he wanted to test the Mopster material all he put on the hook was a Mopster chenille on a size 7 hook with some CWT 8/0 Black

After the first 5 catches his mate asked what Andy was using as Dries were just not doing it for him and in true Mr K style he subtly hinted at a Buzzer and another wet fly, was working for him. Andy kept on catching at a rate of knots and he started to think it was unfair to win the bet with this much advantage as so far now it was 9:1 so handing his mate some Mopster flies Andy was happy to see his net getting dipped into the water almost as much as his own.

Dry flies caught 1
Wet flies caught 0
Buzzer flies caught 2
Mopster caught 15

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