What UV Talkin Bout?! The Fishy Secret Revealed!

What UV Talking About?!

To you and me the dull days can make the vibrant colour of our flies appear toned down. However fish see light differently to humans, they have UV sensitive eyes and can see UV more clearly than we can.

UV is present in water often until an hour after sunset! Use this to your advantage and ensure you have flies incorporating UV materials.
Don't Be Resin To Drab... Cure It!
Make your fly virtually indestructable by covering with clear resin and curing it. Or try some of the fantastic coloured resins to add amazing effects and hot spots to your fly.

Loon Outdoors has the widest range of UV Resin including colours! In the Clear UV Resin Loon have three thicknesses...

What is the difference?

Thick: allows the ability to build mass on your fly quickly, with a consistancy similar to honey. UV Clear Thick Resin is ideal for big heads, large wing cases or grand intruder bodies.

Thin: a very versatile with a glassy finishing look thanks to the thin warm syrup like viscosity. If you are tying small wing cases, baitfish heads or want to cover a body then the Clear UV Thin Resin will be your cure.
Flow: if you want a fine covering over your fly but do not want to see the Resin then look to Flow, a great head cement replacement that will disapear into the thread but still cure strong giving minimal mass to your fly. UV Clear Flow Resin has  density similar to water and is ideal to coat bly bodies.

Loon Outdoors UV Resin
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