The Chaddy 477 that has everyone talking

This fly really has everyone talking!

Sandy's Chaddy 477 - a winner!

As part of our special nymphs and shrimp range, this is a very special fly. In true homage to Frank Sawyer Sandy Dickson developed the Chaddy 477.  This fly uses Semperfli Chadwicks 477 substitute which is the closest substitute of the original Chadwicks 477 material that we have found. This is a really deadly fly!

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Chaddy 477 Tying Guide - Step By Step

Sandys Chaddy 477 Fly Tying Pattern Materials


Grub Hook Size 12 to 18


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Thread: Semperfli Nano Silk Ultra 30D 18/0 Olive
Rib: Ultrafine 0.1mm Body Wire Thin Copper
Bead: None
Legs: None


Thorax Cover: None


Wing Post: None
Wing Case: None
Head: Semperfli Fluoro Brite Red Hot Spot
Hackle: Hares Ear Dubbed
Tail: None
Body: Semperfli Chadwicks 477 Substitute optional Lead Wire for weighted version of the fly

 Sandys Chaddy 477 Fly Tying Pattern Step By Step Tying Difficulty 2/5

Wind on your Nano Silk giving a base layer across the hook and back to the middle of the bend of the hook
Tie In the wire to form the ribbing. If you are wanting a weighed fly add the weighted lead strip to the body forming a "bulge" for form the body. Take the Nano Silk thread to the bend of the hook
Tie in the Chadwicks 477 substitute to the bend of the hook and wind the Nano Silk back to the eye of the hook.
Wind the Chadwicks 477 substitute to the eye of the hook and back down the body. You can return part the way (half) up and down the hook to complete the bulge of the body of the Hare Lug fly. Tie off with Nano Silk and trim the excess.
In open turns in wind the wire forward to the eye of the hook. Tie off and break off the excess wire. Don't use scissors as it leaves a sharp edge, simply move the wire back and forwards and it will snap.

Either wind the hares ear dubbing or split the Nano Silk and twist in the hares ear dubbing. Twist the dubbing around the eye to form the buggy hackle.

Finish With a small whip finished head of Fluoro Brite Red for hot spot if required

Your fly is finished, simply deadly!
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