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Hans van Klinken Flies
Available Exclusively Here!

We are absolutely delighted to offer Hans van Klinken flies exclusively here.  We are indeed proud that Hans chose The Essential Fly as his exclusive and trusted manufacturer of his highly regarded flies. 
You can only get Hans van Klinken flies from The Essential Fly!

We have had the pleasure of fishing these flies with Hans on a few occasions now and can assure you these are winning flies.  What more would you expect from the Master himself?

However when it came to manufacturing the range, we worked very closely with Hans to ensure these are to his very high standards.  So you can be assured that these flies have been approved by the man himself!

We have available his top rated flies ie the Once and Away, Parapoly Sedge, Caseless Caddis and Leadhead 2.0 Peeping Caddis which are amazing flies. This range will grown in time as we release other patterns.  But we could not leave out the famous Klinkhamer of course from this department. The Klinkhamers here are our flies designed around the style developed by the great Dutch fly tyer Hans Van Klinken.

Hans specifically designed the Klinkhamer hook with the experts at Daiichi.
Ready to fish HVK Klinkhamer patterns
A selection of our favourite colours, 10 colours available in the whole pre-made range.
HVK Klinkhamer full 10 fly collection only £22.50!
Tying guide for the HVK Klinkhamer!

Materials required to tie the Klinkhamer:

  Product Colour
Hook Daiichi #1167  
Thread Nano Silk 50D or Classic Waxed Thread 8/0 Tan / Olive / Grey
Post Poly Yarn Cream / White
Black / Coloured
Body Predator Fibre or Kapok Dubbing Black Nose Dace / Bull Frog / Baitfish Olive / Leopard Frog / Silver Baitfish / Pure Olive / Caddis Green / Dark Brown / Pheasant Tail / Caddis Tan
Ribbing Pure Silk Vintage Orange / Danica Primrose
Thorax Straggle String SF0050 Black
Hackle   Blue Dun / Dark Dun / Light Dun / Chestnut
1. Tie on thread to hook.

2. Cut off a strand of Poly-Yarn and taper the tip with scissors before tying in (this enables the under body to be as slim as possible)
  • Hans likes to use Cream or Black depending on the light conditions.
  • You can use a different colour to help you see the fly on the water.
3. Tie in the Poly-Yarn onto the top of the hook shank with the thread at the position shown.

4. Wrapping your thread down to the bend of the hook and back to the start. Try to make a nice slim tapered body.
  • Be critical as the better the taper the better the completed fly will look!
5. Tie in the hackle so that it lies the same orientation as the Poly-Yarn.
  • Shiny Side up
6. Form an upright wing by tying up the Poly-Yarn and hackle
7. Apply a small amount of the Predator Fibre to the thread to create a dubbing.
  • Take just the right amount of dubbing to cover just the underbody.
8. Tie the body very slim and well tapered.  Start as close to the barb as possible.
  • The thinner the body the more successful the pattern.
9. Tie in the Straggle String to make a nice thorax and secure in front and behind the wing.

10. Wind the Straggle String two or three times behind the wing and complete the thorax in front of the wing
  • Make a nice thick thorax
11. Tie off to finish the body.
12. Turn your vice head so that the hook faces down and the wing is horizontal.

13.Tie in the Pure Silk with several turns around the base of the Poly-Yarn and create a rigid wing base to tie in the hackle.
14. Starting at the top of your wing base wind the hackle in taking each successive turn closer to the hook shank.
  • Take as many turns as the hook size requires
15. Pull the hackle tip to the opposite direction and secure with a few turns of Pure Silk.

16. Secure well around the base of the wing between the hackle and body and tie off.

17. Trim away the waste hackle tip and fibres that are pointed down.

18. Apply some varnish on the windings just under the parachute.
Enjoy your finished fly!
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