Straggle String UV Micro Chenille

Straggle String is a market leader as a micro straggle chenille with the thinest core available on the market with a huge choice in colours. Pressure dyed so the colour is fast deep into the core, with traditional and fluoresecnt colours available. With shorter tighter strands with built in UV fleck it makes Staggle String perfect for thoraxes and micro legs.

Now with Peacock Herl being CITIES registered Hans van Klinken now uses Straggle String as a replacement for his Peacock Herl on his famous Klinkhamer fly, along with all of his other patterns!

  • Ultra fine fritz with just 2 bonded cores
  • UV Fleck built in
  • Incredible range of colours, including Fluorecent
  • 6 meters per spool
  • Multicard in 3 options available; Natural, Standard, Steelhead

Close up of Straggle String and a size 10 Grub hook for comparison.

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Straggle string has taken the fly tying world by storm and is being used around the world. As one of the thinnest core materials for manufacture of nymphs and dry flies and Straggle String is available in over 30 colours.


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