Tying The Heather Fly

Tie It or Buy It - Heather Flies

A must have fly for August & September Don’t tie? Fear not! We have you covered! Keep scrolling for our top Heather fly picks!

Buy It. our Top Three Heather Patterns!


Watch Our Video - Tying The Heather Sedge!#

Tie The Heather Sedge!


Materials We’ve Used

- Hook - All round size 10 -12

- Thread - Semperfli Classic Waxed Thread Black/Brown 12/0

- Rib - Semperfli Mirror Tinsel

-Body - Semperfli Semperseal Black

- Hot Spot - Semperfli Sparkle Dubbing

- Red Legs - Semperfli Knotted Legs Claret

- Wing 1 - 2 x CDC Feathers

- Wing 2 - Deer or Elk Hair

Why not have a go at tying a Heather Sedge? Send in your tying images, we would love to see them!# Got a pattern you’d like us to tie? Let us know!

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