Pink Straggle Grayling Bug Tying Guide

Tying Sandy Dickson's Pink Straggle Bug

There is no doubt that pink bugs attract grayling. This Grayling bug tied just with Semperfli Straggle String SF8350 and beads is a great point fly with a team, with a Pheasant Tail or Endrick Spider on middle dropper Grayling will frequently hit this fly or if suspicious then turn and immediately hit the middle dropper.
This fly can be tied with one or two brass or tungsten beads allowing it to drop as rapidly as you require.


  • Straggle String SF8350FL (Fluorescent Pink) – Body
  • Kamasan B100 grub hook
  • Semperfli Nano Silk thread (black)
  • One or two Brass or Tungsten beads

Step By Step

  1. Add one or two Tungsten or Brass beads as required for weight
  2. Tie on Nano silk running the thread down to the shank on the bend
  3. Tie in Straggle String SF8350 and run the Nano Silk back along the hook shank to the beads
  4. Build up the SF8350 to the bead creating a smooth finish.
  5. Tie off the SF8350 with Nano Silk and cut the SF8350.
  6. Whip finish
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