Jim Lees Olive Emerger Step By Step Fly Tying Pattern

Jim Lees Olive Emerger Step By Step

This is Jim Lees stunning Olive Emerger, this is one of Jim's regular flies that he uses on the River Clyde for some of those big Brownies that he chases. It is a great all round Olive dry fly pattern. This stunning pattern has a trailing shuck and body formed from Semperfli Predator Fibres and the trailing shuck looks just like an Olive emerging to fly off the river.

Jim Lees Olive Emerger Fly Pattern Tying Materials

Hook: Dry Fly Hooks Sizes 16 to 20

Olive Emerger


Thread: Semperfli Nano Silk Ultra 30D 18/0 Olive
Rib: None
Bead: None
Legs: None


Thorax Cover: None


Wing Post: None
Wing Case: None
Collar: None
Hackle: Brown Cock Hackle Fibres for Parachute
Tail: None
Body: Semperfli Pure Olive Predator Fibres for the Body and for the trailing shuck of the Emerger

Sandys Assassin Fly Pattern Tie or Buy Pattern Step By Step Tying Difficulty 2/5

Wind on your Nano Silk giving a base layer across the hook, come back to one quarter the way down the hook shank. Tie in a few Predator Fibres about 40mm long to become the parachute later.
Now tie in the hackle for the parachute
Tie in the shuck from a thin selection of Predator Fibres just behind the parachure leaving a section hanging 10mm to 14mm beyond the bend of the hook. This will become the Emerger shuck. Your thread will finish at the end of the shank of the hook just where the bend of the hook starts
Now tie in a longer bunch of Predator fibres using the Nano Silk and Wind the Nano Silk forward to the eye of the Hook
Twist the Predator Fibres gently and wind forward to the eye of the hook. Tie off the Predator Fibres and remove excess
Wind the Parachute Hackle around the Prredator Fibres that were left for the parachute, use 2 winds for normal waters or for rougher waters try 3 or 4 turns. Your fly is now ready to fish.
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