Inferno Bugs Tying Guide

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These stunning bugs have been a real hit with the Rainbow trout who seem to target the hot spot intense heads plus the stunning Inferno Biots again from Semperfli.

Based on Zug Bug these proved to be deadly on stillwaters over the summer testing. Designed as a combination of the diawl bach and zug bug. Peacock herl bodied flies are particularly attractive and along with the wings, tail and hot spot on a strong Partridge hook makes this a winning fly!

Using the Semperfli inferno biots with the fluoro flame colours of yellow and red we always knew this fly pattern would be good - 'hot' as you might say!

Tie the Inferno Bug yoursel!

If you would like to tie the Inferno Bug yourself, then here are the materials you will need!

Hook Sizes


Silk Thread

Black or brown

Tail & Wings

Semperfli Inferno Flame Goose Biots


Peacock herl or Semperfli Straggle String


3mm Inferno Hot Spot Beads

Inferno Bug Pattern Tie or Buy Pattern Step By Step Tying Difficulty 3/5

Slide on the bead to the eye of the hook
Tie on the Nano Silk and wrap down the body, tie in the Inferno Biots for the tail
Tie in 2 Peacock Herl (alays tie in 2 so it one splits another it tied in!). Tie in the 0.2mm ribbing
Wind forward the tying thread to behind the bead.
Wind the Peacock Herl to the back of the bead
Lift the Peacock Herl and tie in the end nearest the bead. Wrap the ribbing wire forward in open turns leaving the Herl protruding
Tie in the 2 Inferno Biots for the wings behind the bead. These will point upwards initially
With the remaining Peacock Herl wrap 3 times over the wings behind the bead.
Tie off the remaining Peacock Herl
You now have a deadly finished Inferno Bug


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