Inferno Bug Pattern Tie or Buy


Inferno Bug Pattern Tie or Buy

When we saw the stunning intense colours of the Semperfli Inferno Biots and the Semperfli Intense Beads we knew we must try these in a fly pattern. In 2014 we went our with a variety of patterns and the Inferno Bug proved deadly, suspended under a bung, slowly retrieved and even resting on weed best Rainbow Trout hammered this cracking range of flies. Once we had over 100 fish on this pattern we knew we had to put it into production. For those of you that want to tie your own the pattern is below.

Inferno Bug Pattern Tying Materials

Hook: Nymph hooks sizes 12 to 16

Inferno Bugs

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We use GSP Nano Silk Black 12/0 or Grey 12/0 or polyester Spyder Thread Black 18/0

Rib: Semperfli Gold 0.2mm Lure Ribbing Wire
Bead: Semperfli Intense 3mm Beads
Legs: None
Thorax: None
Thorax Cover: None

2 Semperfli Inferno Biots

Wing Post: None
Wing Case: None
Collar: None
Hackle: None
Tail: 2 Semperfli Inferno Biots
Body: Peacock Herl or Picric Dyed Peacock Herl

Inferno Bug Pattern Tie or Buy Pattern Step By Step Tying Difficulty 3/5

Slide on the bead to the eye of the hook
Tie on the Nano Silk and wrap down the body, tie in the Inferno Biots for the tail
Tie in 2 Peacock Herl (alays tie in 2 so it one splits another it tied in!). Tie in the 0.2mm ribbing
Wind forward the tying thread to behind the bead.
Wind the Peacock Herl to the back of the bead
Lift the Peacock Herl and tie in the end nearest the bead. Wrap the ribbing wire forward in open turns leaving the Herl protruding
Tie in the 2 Inferno Biots for the wings behind the bead. These will point upwards initially
With the remaining Peacock Herl wrap 3 times over the wings behind the bead.
Tie off the remaining Peacock Herl
You now have a deadly finished Inferno Bug

Inferno Bug Pattern Fly Variations

The Essential Fly Barbless Inferno Bug White Hot Spot #10 Fishing Fly
The Essential Fly
The Essential Fly Barbless Inferno Bug White Hot Spot #10 Fishing Fly

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Stephen Best
17 December 2017  |  22:57

Have had over 40 fish on my last 3 days out using the blue beaded inferno bug. 7 fish yesterday, 1 @ 7lb and 6 all over 4lbs. Superb pattern, must try and tie it.

Graham Whiter
22 February 2019  |  9:08

At what stage do you wind on the gold ribbing - your instructions don't give any information!

My apologies -= You have included this at stage 6 - Wake up Graham!!!!

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