Fly Tying - The Usk Naylor Fly Pattern

Tying The Usk Naylor Fly Pattern is an easy process, one of the many specific fly patterns that work on the Usk.

This is the legendary but reclusive Usk Naylor. This pattern has been misnamed by many and misdressed often. It was invented by a Mr P. Naylor of Worcester Cottage, Llangynidr. Worcester Cottage was the old Duke of Beaufort’s fishing lodge on the Usk, and the fly was first tied in the 1950s by Gordon Price, then gillie on the beat. It has a great reputation as an early-season fly. Have a go with this simple and great fly!

Usk Naylor Hook Dry Size 12-14 Osprey Barbless
Thread Uni Purple Thread
Tail Bronze mallard
Tag Uni Purple thread
Body Bronze mallard
Rib Fine embossed gold

Dark Andalusian hen (use a lighter shade later in the season)

Note: we use standard brown cock hackles when we tie this fly! Probly classed as a miss dressing but it makes it cost effective and produced some great fish for us regardless.

Barbless Version

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