Dirty Bug Cased Caddis Tying Guide

Dirty Bug Cased Caddis

Hook: Barbless Grub #10-14
Thread: Classic Waxed Thread 6/0 Dark Mocha Brown
Weight: Turrall Tungsten Off bead Large 3.3mm Black
Body (case): Dirty Bug Yarn Mottled Dark Green
Grub: Green Wool (burnt with lighter)
Legs: Brown Partridge Back Hackles

1: Having secured the bead at the eye, take a layer of thread down to the hook bend and catch in the pre form wool/yarn caddis grub

2: Next, arrange the loose partridge hackle fibres on both sides of the hook shank.  Don’t worry if these rotate around the shank a little, as this looks more appealing.

3: Catch in a length (or two) of dirty bug yarn and take the thread back to the hook eye, so it comes to rest immediately behind the tungsten bead.
4: Using touching turns that slightly overlap, form a neat, compact body (case) be winding the yarn to the hook eye.

5: Once you reach the point tie off the yarn and cut away any surplus. Complete the fly with a 5-turn whip finish at this junction.


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