Gel Core Buzzer Tying Guide

Gel Core Buzzer






Hook: #12-16 barbless grub
Rib: Semperfli 0.1mm Stainless Steel Wire
Body: Semperfli Classic Waxed Thread 3/0 Black
Thorax: Semperfli Gel Core Body Black
Breathers: Semperfli Classic Waxed Thread 3/0 Fl. Orange


1: Using CWT 3/0 thread, catch on behind the eye and take a layer of thread slightly round the bend
2: Secure a length of 0.1mm wire at the bend, be sure this extends up to the hook eye to prevent any unwanted step forming.  Now, wind the thread three quarters of the way back up the hook eye.
3: Carefully wind the wire in even open turns until you reach the thread junction and tie off
4: Wind the thread forward and position 4 strands of fl orange 3/0 waxed thread ‘bow tie’ style so the strands sit perpendicular to the hook shank.
5: Take the thread back to the junction where the wire rib was tied off and secure a short length of black gel core body before forming a small, neat thorax.
6: Using a 5-turn whip finish at the head, complete the fly. 

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