Blanton Whistler Orange Pike Deceiver Tying Guide

Tying The Blanton Whistler Pike Deceiver



  • Hook, size 2/0.
  • Thread Chartreuse 3/0 (280 denier)
  • Large dumbbell eyes.
  • Body Cream, Black and another coloured Bucktail
  • 4 strands Silver Holo Sparklemet (mobile Flashabou alternative)
  • 25 strands of Silver Sparklemet
  • 2 large grizzly long saddle or neck hackles about twice the length of your bucktail


Step by Step:

  1. Put the hook in the vice barbed or debarbed as appropriate.
  2. Place the dumbbell eyes on top of the hook shank right against the hook eye and figure of 8 wrap them securely to the hook shank and cement in place.
  3. Tie in 25 strands of silver Sparklemet or Fluoroflash to the hook shank, they want to be at least 6” long. Wetting bunches of Sparklemet with saliva or water will make the strands easier to handle. Do not cut the Sparklemet until the fly is completed so that you ensure that at least 1” to 2” of Sparklemet protrudes beyond the grizzle giving the fly plent of ‘sparkle’
  4. Now tie in 2 strands of grizzle neck hackles on either side of the hook shank
  5. Starting 10 mm back from the eye place a medium bunch of cream bucktail directly on top of the Sparklemet and tie in to the hook shank. Rotate the vice and repeat with another bunch of cream bucktail on the bottom of the fly.
  6. Rotating the fly in the vice and starting 5mm back from the eye now place a medium pinch of the coloured bucktail top, tie in, rotate the vice and repeat adding more bucktail to the bottom of the fly and tie in.
  7. Now starting at the eye tie in a medium pinch of black bucktail, rotate the vice and repeat with more black bucktail tied in below.
  8. Rotate the vice and finish the flies head by taking the thread back and forward in a figure of 8 finishing in front of the dumbbell eyes, whip finish. Cement or varnish the head.
  9. Trim the tail flash from stage 3 as appropriate.
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