Fishing For Life Helping Cancer Sufferers

Groups of people are coming together to put trout flies on fishing rods to help them overcome their breast cancer diagnoses as part of Fishing for Life, with sessions provided free of charge thanks to Bristol Waters and South West Lakes Trust.

Meetings are put on each month at various lakes across the south-west and now in the Greater Manchester area as well, with sessions hosted by qualified coaches to help even the biggest novices pick up the sport with ease.

As the Fishing for Life organisers say, fishing techniques have proven to be particularly good at building up muscle and tissue in women with breast cancer. And the aim of the charity is to give anyone who has suffered from the disease the chance to learn to fly fish, as well as encouraging families to come along to the lakes to sail, walk or bird watch.

One of the testimonials on the group’s website, from a Jill King, reads: “The fish took the bait and I was caught in more ways than one. The ease into fishing was something special. It takes your mind off other thoughts and worries, and launches you into a world of expectation and mind-blowing concentration, and time just flies by.”

In September, the group will be meeting in Broad Oak Lakes in Worcestershire on the 20th and later moving on to Blagdon on the 26th and to the Pennines on the 27th.

Come October, there will be fly fishing opportunities at Wimbleball, Kennick, Lechlade and Bushyleaze Fishery in Gloucestershire, Dorset, the Pennines and Blagdon.

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