Top Buzzer Fly Patterns For Rainbow & Brown Trout

Best Buzzer Fly Patterns - The Top Buzzers For Your Rainbow and Brown Trout Stillwater Fly Fishing

With Hundreds Patterns Available Worldwide What Buzzer Fly Patterns Should You Take For Rainbows On Reservoirs, Lakes and Lochs?

With buzzers there are hundreds of fly patterns for this, one of the most important still water flies that you should have in your fly box.  Why such a brazen statement? Simply buzzers are the emerging for of midges, the fly that hatches 365 days per year! That why when we go fly fishing on stillwaters these flies are the very first we try, not occassionally buton every trip.

The problem is there are so many buzzer pattens products which should you use? In this post we explain some of the many different buzzers styles, when to use them and ther benefits. Whether you are Chironomid fly fishing in Canada, USA, New Zealand or the UK buzzers are deadly, match the ultra fine profile and you are away to catch some nice fish. Our best Rainbow on buzzers weight 22lb 10oz and Rainbow 14lb 6oz on deadly little buzzers.


Buzzer Patterns

Bloodworm are red in colour due to the haemoglobin in their blood. This is the first stage of the midge hatch.

The bloodworm is best fished on the point of a rig or 3 or 4 flies. We love marabou tailed buzzers for movement, Sandys Bloodworm and beadhead buzzers to take teams down deep and fast when fish are found in deeper waters

Blank Buster Buzzers

These are our favourite buzzer patterns, ultra fine matching the profile of a buzzer there is no better trout catcher when they are feeding on buzzers.

Use these on the droppers of a team of buzzers

epoxy minnows
Flashback Blank Buster Buzzers

With a reflective tinsel on its back and an incredibly fine ribbing these are absolutely deadly on sunny days. These were designed after seeing sun hitting the back of buzzers coming to the surface to hatch.

Use these on the droppers of a team of buzzers

<Epoxy Buzzers

If you want an indestructable fly then epoxy buzzers are the fly to use. Made with epoxy glue coating the fly tying these are slighly thicker than Blank Busters but go on until you lose them or the hooks loose their penetrating powers.

Use these on the droppers of a team of buzzers

Epoxy Buzzers
Tungsten Depth Charge Buzzers

Traffic light buzzers have a multi coloured head reputed to change colour as the light changes while the fly drops deeper in the water.

Use these as point flies on a team of buzzers in size 8 and on droppers in smaller sizes

traffic light buzzer
Beadhead Buzzers

Beadhead buzzers use breass beads to take buzzers down, slower sinking than tungsten beads these take a team down at a slower rate or hold tams down at slower speed drifts on boats.

Use these as point flies on a team of buzzers

Nomad trout lures
Emerger Patterns    
Shipman Buzzers

The Shipmans Buzzer, created by Dave Shipman in 1979-80 is one of the stunning an long lived buzzer fly patterns. Tease with velcrose to ensure that these float in the surface film

Use floating in the surface film

Suspender Buzzers Suspender buzzers have a ball of foam on the head keeping these buzzers hanging from the surface film. This is where buzzers hang while trying to break through the surface film. Use these when you see trout swimming like torpedos just below the surface where they are eating hatching buzzers Suspender Buzzers
CDC Emergers Cdc emergers imitate the midge emerging from its shuck under the water with the cdc imitating the midge above the water. Deadly using midge hatches. CDC Emergers
Assassin Emergers With a foam back these are finely balanced to float high in the water where trout each hatching buzzers or buzzers caught in the surface film. Assassin Emergers


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