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Caledonia Flies Diawl Bach Red Head (Unweighted) #12 Fishing Fly

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Diawl Bach Red Head (Unweighted) #12

Diawl Bach Red Head (Unweighted) #12 is a Dial Bach pattern, ranslated from Welsh as little devil, Diawl Bach Nymph is a deadly Trout Fly Pattern. The Diawl Bach Red Head (Unweighted) #12 is a drab but deadly trout fishing fly.

In Britain and some areas of Northern Europe the Diawl Bach fly pattern including Diawl Bach Red Head (Unweighted) #12 has become one of the most popular stillwater flies of recent times, amazing for such a drab, non-descript trout fly. An all round nymph attractor pattern Diawl Bach Red Head (Unweighted) #12 can be fished in a variety of ways and it is gives good results in rough and calm waters. Diawl Bach Red Head (Unweighted) #12 is a suggestive pattern, similar to all sorts of aquatic insect life especially the midge. The secret to the Diawl Bach Red Head (Unweighted) #12 success is its sparse, nymph like profile making it a fly for all seasons and waters and we believe the movement of peacock herl really helps the Diawl Bach as a deadly fishing fly.

The Diawl Bach Red Head (Unweighted) #12 comes on a Barbed hook

The Diawl Bach Red Head (Unweighted) #12 is manufactured by Caledonia Fly Company known for quality flies and workmanship.

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1 Review:

Diawl Bach
30 October 2023  | 

Nicely tied slim nymphs on strong, good quality hooks. Recommended.

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