What is fly fishing tackle?

Time and again we blithely talk about fly fishing tackle. But what does this generic term actually mean? Experienced anglers know well what it is for them, but novices may wonder about the catch-all term, so here’s a short primer.

The basic definition is that fly fishing tackle comprises the fishing tackle or equipment typically used by fly anglers. Basic tackle usually includes the following bits of kit:

    A variety of fly rods, all of different weights, lengths and material. This rod variety allows the angler to present artificial flies to target species of fish as well as fight and land fish being caught.
    A variety of reels to store fly line and provide a braking mechanism (drag) so that you can fight heavy or fast moving fish.
    A broad range of general use and specialised fly lines to cast artificial flies under a wide variety of fresh and saltwater conditions.
    Terminal tackle is used to connect the artificial fly to the fly line. It also lets you make the appropriate presentation of the fly to the fish.

Of course a large variety of accessories is available. These include tools, gadgets, and various apparel used by the angler in maintaining and preparing tackle, dealing the fish being caught as well as personal comfort and safety while fly fishing. Not to mention fly boxes used to store and carry artificial flies. And having the correct, high quality array of fly fishing tackle is a matter of pride for serious anglers.

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