Sonik SK4 Breathable Waders & Boots

After months of being teased in the fisherman’s playground I decided it was time to upgrade my old plastic waders. I did my research and settled on the new Sonik SK4 chest waders with matching SK4 boots. I hate to admit it, but I wish I had upgraded a long time ago!

The waders are extremely comfortable and feel more like real clothing than the plastic ‘over trousers’ I am used to. I am very impressed by the quality and the specification compares favourably with some of the far more expensive brands I considered.  One of the features I have found most useful is the large waterproof chest pocket, this has been perfect for keeping my phone, camera and wallet safe and dry.  I would definitely recommend them.

The boots are also an excellent piece of kit,  I find them very comfortable and much lighter than the built in wellington boots I have been used to. I was a little dubious about the advertising, from memory I think it said, ”super sticky soles”, my mind was thinking warm tarmac! But to their credit, they really have gripped very well in all of the conditions i have thrown at them so far.

I really cannot pick fault with the waders or the boots ... although my wife did say a choice of colours would have been a nice touch. Apparently the grey trousers didn’t match my green jacket!!

- Jamie

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