Selecting the correct Rio Fly Line

Basics of a Fly Line

To buy a fly line that is right for a specific application, a brief understanding of the line's design characteristics is useful.

A Weight Forward (WF) fly line has four parts:

  1. Front Taper
  2. Body
  3. Rear Taper
  4. Running Line

The first 3 are combined in what is commonly known as 'the head', the Running Line is everything that follows.

Rio Line Selection

With all of the choices on the market today if you select a Rio Product fly line you are certainly upgrading your fishing abilities. With each line being manually quanlity checkecked you are re-assured that your Rio Product fly line has met all the highest possible standards.

Now you have selected the brand what model and weight do you choose? With some lines being able to handle a higher weight than the advertised specifications are you making the right choice?

Rio Products have created a Fly Line Selector to assist you in making the correct choice. Click the below image to be taken to Rio Products own website and line selector:

(Please note this opens a new window on your computer)


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