Royal Wulff Ambush Fly Lines Selection and Usage

Ambush Fly LinesDesigned by Garry Sandstrom and part of the Lee and Joan Wulff Royal Wulff range of fly lines these were designed for fishing in areas with limited back casting space. Gary wantedd a fly line wher he could cast 10 to 20 feet of line then in a single roll cast turn over a large bead head fly with indicator and have them fly 30 feet. The lines are used as follows:

  • 4 to 7 weight lines (195 to 265 grains) are designed for trout fly fishermen
  • 7 to 10 weight (265 to 400 grains)  are designed for switch, scandi and skagit on single handed rods (see notes below on Switch and Scandi usage)
  • 11 to 14 weight (450 to 600 grains) are intended for double handed fly rods

Switch Rod Use With Ambush Fly Lines

The short head on the Ambush line makes it the ideal fly line for switch rods. However check the rating for your rod as rule of thumb when selecting a line for switch rods is to use 3 line weight sizes above the rod weight. For example if you ae using a 6wt switch rod would use a 9wt Ambush fly line. A 5wt switch fly fishing rod would load well with the 8t Ambush Fly Line. If you are going to primarily overhead cast with a switch rod, then go just 2 line sizes above the rod weight (7wt Ambush on a 5wt switch rod). This has been well testing and proven in the United States

Ambush Fly Line With Tradtional Fly Rods

These can be used on traditional fly rods where you are fishing in tight quarters with very limited back cast room. The Royal Wulff Ambush short heavy head enables quick loading and efficient turn over when using weighted beadhead type fishing flies, split shot and strike indicators. The short rear taper on the Ambush Fly Line makes roll casting and shooting line easy and lends itself to the various single hand spey casts. The heavy head of the Ambush “digs” in the water surface, slowing the line speed, in the typical down and across presentation, making it ideal for swinging soft hackles or stripping streamers.

Ambush Fly Lines For Scandi Use

Scandi casting - Underhand style, where only the long leader, or leader and poly leader / tip touches the water to form the anchor and the shooting head forms the D loop. The leader or leader and poly leader combination may be up to 24 ft long. To ensure only the tip and leader touch the water and not the head, a level sweep round of the rod tip (parallel to the water surface) for the most of the sweep is absolutely necessary.

If you choose to use the Scandi or underhand style of casting, select an Ambush fly fishing line 3 sizes above your rod weight. Poly leaders (all densities) work exceptionally well on Royal Wulff Ambush lines. Total length of your poly leader should be 1 to 1.5 times the length of your rod (including tippet). Poly leaders, because of their similar taper to the Royal Wulff Ambush line, tend to increase the overall head length of the Ambush, promoting longer turnover time and increase casting distance.

Skagit use Of Ambush Fly Lines

Skagit style lines are made to cast large flies and heavy sink tips. The Ambush line is similar to other Skagit lines in length but have a more pronounced taper (a short Triangle Taper) which softens the way the fly lines turnover. When selecting an Ambush line for go 4 line sizes heavier than the rod weight to cast large flies and sinking tips. For example, for a 9wt spey rod choose an 132wt Ambush flyline.



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