Rio Products Spey Line Selection

Scandi Shooting Heads - including AFS Heads

The most versatile and applicable system for the UK Salmon fishing, Scandinavian heads are designed to cast tight loops and make effortless, long distance casts with great presentation and ease. Each head features weight at te back to easily load a rod, and long front tapers for efficient energy transfew and a pure joy of casting.

Each head requires a running / shooting line, and most require tapered leaders or tips to work at their best.

Skagit Shooting Heads

Skagit heads are short, ultra powerful Spey lines with a thick front end that is designed to easily cast large, heavy flies and fast sinking tips.

RIO offers two densities of Skagit head to cover all fishing situations:

  1. Floating - Most common
  2. Intermediate / IFlight - Ideal for slower swings and deeper presentations

Perfect for high water and cold conditions making it very suitable for high, cold water Atlantic Salmon fisheries in the UK and beyond.

Each head requires a running / shooting line, and most require tapered leaders or tips to work at their best.

MAX SHORTS - For use on single-handed rods, Switch rods and Spey rods less than 12' length

SKAGIT MAX - For use on rods between 12' and 13' 6" length

MAX LONGS - For use on rods longer than 13' 6"

Skagit casting requires a line with a very short, heavy head that propels heavy sink tips and big flies great distances with a very short casting stroke. Skagit casting is easy for novice or experienced casters to learn. When casting Skagit lines the total head length should be matched to the rod; the total head length including the sink tip should be no more than 3-3.5 times the length of the rod, with many anglers now pregering a setup somewhere just below this length.

Traditional Spey Lines

Tradtitional spey lines usually have much longer heads than the now more popular Scandi and Skagit designs, and require a little more casting skill and experience to handle. The advantage with these longer head Spey lines is that there is less stripping in of the fly after each cast (more fishing time) and it makes anglers better Spey casters with use. However the longer the head length of the line, the better the caster needs to be, the longer the rod length should be and the amount of room required behind the castor to make a cast needs to be greater.

Switch Lines

RIO's Switch series of fly lines is designed for the shorter two handed Spey and Switch rods that have become so popular. These light, versatile two-handed fly rods have opened up the world or Spey casting to numerous Trout, Steelhead and Salmon anglers world wide.

Rio Line Selection

With all of the choices on the market today if you select a Rio Product fly line you are certainly upgrading your fishing abilities. With each line being manually quanlity checkecked you are re-assured that your Rio Product fly line has met all the highest possible standards.

Now you have selected the brand what model and weight do you choose? With some lines being able to handle a higher weight than the advertised specifications are you making the right choice?

Rio Products have created a Fly Line Selector to assist you in making the correct choice. Click the below image to be taken to Rio Products own website and line selector:

(Please note this opens a new window on your computer)

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