Magnetic Net Release

Once you've used a magnetic net release you'll wonder how you ever managed without one!  We are very proud of our own brand of fly fishing aid net release as its so strong and reliable.  Magnetic net holders carry the wooden and metal nets safely. The magnet can be attached to D ring very conveniently.  They come with a 80cm long elastic string.The added benefit of a self seeking magnet means you can easily manage your net on your back yourself without fumbling around!

For the techie folk amongst you, our Magnetic Net Holders are CNC machine cut from marine grade aluminum. The strength of the magnetic net release is 7.7lb, these are made with superbly strong magnetic capabilities.

So how do you use it? Attach to  your fly fishing jacket or vest "D" ring with spring loaded clip. Attach to standard net frames and released with a firm tug. Self seeking magnets ensure easy net release.

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