Fly Rod Usage By Weight

Friday, 8 July 2016  |  Admin

Where should different fly rods be used? Obviously in small becks shorter rods will be better and are less likely to cause casting problems. Below is a guide to typical fly rod usage by weight.

Usage By Line Weight

Weight Typical Usage
#2/3/4 Stream / brooks for Brook & Brownies & Grayling
#5 Small rivers, brooks & streams for Brownies & Grayling
#6 Rivers and small lakes when fly fishing for Brown & Rainbow Trout
#7 Used for Lakes, boats & reservoir for Rainbow Trout, Larger Brownies & Blue Trout, Small River Grilse Fishing
#8 Reservoir & boats, plus saltwater fly fishing for Rainbows, Larger Brownies & Blues, Salmon Grilse Fishing & saltwater species
#9 larger rivers and reservoirs fly fishing for large trout, largemouth bass, pike, steelhead & salmon
#10/11/12 Large rivers & saltwater, Salmon & Saltwater species

check our glossary to understand terms used to describe fly rods.

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