Fly Fishing: Wader Fitting

We’ve talked before about the importance of waders in fly fishing, what to think about and what materials and colours to choose. So now that you’ve made your selection, let's talk about getting them to fit right. Keeping warn and warm might be your first priority for a comfortable day on the water, but having a pair of waders that fits right is comes a close second. Ill-fitting waders mean discomfort, and you could tire more easily, which could lead to accidents. Poorly fitting waders ca restrict your range of motion while you climb over rocks or get in and out of a boat, for instance. You could have a mishap or equipment might be damaged.

All to often, anglers buy waders that are too tight a fit. After all, we want to look cool and svelte in the photographs of us holding up that trophy fish. Well, vanity aside, consider the following. Wouldn't it be better to have a pair of waders that fit loosely enough so we can put on an extra layer of clothing on those cold winter days? And wouldn’t it be great to walk a mile or two to that special fishing hole without having to fight our waders or having them pinch the whole way?

Nowadays, many of us order online, so always check the fitting charts, or email the owner and give them your  height, weight and shoe size and they should be able to fit you that way. If you purchase from a shop, take the time to try them on. Do a couple of knee bends and walk around a bit. Check that you can put a foot up on a stool, because out in the real world you may be climbing up and down the banks of streams. Look too at the length of the legs, too; too long and they will create folds which can rub and wear, causing leaks.

Fly fishing isn’t about looking smart – it’s about having the kit for the job, and never underestimate the importance of waders that are fit for purpose.

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