Fly Fishing Gifts

If you’re stuck for an original idea for a gift at Christmas or someone’s birthday, the gift of fly fishing might just be the answer. And if it’s for a person who once indulged in the sport, the holiday season might be a good time to encourage them to go back to something they loved. We have lots and lots of stuff in our shop that would make excellent presents – rods, fishing attire, even books. Do come in and browse The Essential Fly online shop.

You could also buy a couple of books about fly-fishing. There are the "how to" books and the "why to" books, not to mention books with funny stories, travelogues, and more. Ted Leeson's Habit of Rivers, Seth Norman's Meanderings are good choices. And if know the classic, A River Runs Through It by Norman Maclean (or if you loved the film version), pick up a DVD of Shadow Casting, an on-location piece on the making of the film. Other excellent choices are Anatomy of a Fisherman by Robert Travers – Travers has another couple of books out, too, which are also worth looking at. Howell Raines’ Fly Fishing Through the Midlife Crisis will invoke memories in any older angler. Jerry Dennis is another writer worth checking out.

If your taste runs to humour, you might want to try Another Lousy Day in Paradise by John Gierach.

And remember, the gift of fly fishing isn’t just for Christmas – it’s for life!

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