Fly Fishing Gear Line Alphabet: 2

The choice of line as part of your fly fishing gear is manifold and complex, but if you read our blogs on the subject you will hopefully start to get a good idea about how to approach the subject and get the best tackle to suit your needs.

Last time we spoke about DT, WF and TT lines. Now let’s take a look at “WFF”, “Level” and “WFS” lines.

"WFF" means "weight forward floating." This one is mainly for fishing nymphs, streamers, and artificial bait. Some fishermen use WWF for dry flies in conditions where constant winds can cause your fly line to collapse without the additional weight. The so called "Level" lines are mostly used as running line for shooting heads, such as in steelhead or blue-water fishing from boat or shore. "WFS," is Weight Forward, Sinking. Which simply means that if you make a long cast the whole line sinks. Great for some special uses, like steelhead or other fast-bottom fish, or on lakes. But pulling a full sinking line up out of the water and casting it is hard going, so abetter solution is an "F/T," a floating line with just a tip section, usually 10 feet or so, that sinks and takes your fly with it. Some of these sink fast, or very fast (or slow  or or slower!).

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