Arctic Silver Rod Range

ArcticSilver #6 9' Medium/ Fast Fly Rods First Views

So to introduce ArcticSilver rods let me tell you about our visit to a Norwegian Outdoors show where we found the amazing ArcticSilver rod and line range. Ann saw the gear first while I was chatting to Pro Tyers, she showed me the fly line case which converted to a fly box to help save wastage. Neat I though and we went over to see Robert Selfors and the ArcticSilver range. ArcticSilver, well known in Scandinavia where they originate from, these rods have changed the way rods are designed completely. Rather than a fixed cork handle which restricts the action of the rod stopping the carbon fibre moving, ArcticSilver rods have a hollow composite handle which allows the entire blank to be used right down to its base. This is called Free Flex...... So Robert handed me a rod which I cast on the casting pool. I am an amateur, self taught caster and the rod cast some 25 yards for me with simply loading the rod once and flicking the line out - the rod felt superb. I was only false casting to load and never expected that much line out of the rod. That's a nice #7 I said to Robert, no he replied that is the #5 9', I was stunned and that started the love for ArcticSilver for me. At the end of the show I took a rod to trial, a #6 9' medium / fast rod which I played with for a few weeks. Yes the rod looks different, the handle looks totally different to traditional rod handles however the action and feel is what really counts. Using the ArcticSilver rods and micro diameter lines I cast further with full utilisation of the blank and because I need to false cast less I am less tired after a days casting, those two make the rod well worth examining in detail. So why have rods had cork handles for the last hundred years plus? Cork stops the full bend of the rod blank restricting its power. I played loads with the ArcticSilver rods at the show, the range was unique and radically different design with a pistol grip hollow handle with the blank not trapped as traditional cork handles trap the blank restricting the potential of the blank. This is what is called the FreeFlex, the blank is able to utilise all of its power right down through the hollow composite handle, as we know the power is at the base of the blank.  Casting with the ArcticSilver as an amateur caster I changed my casting, no more 2 or 3 false casts aerialising the line simply put the line out to its sweet spot one back cast and let the line fly, and boy it flies!

I love innovation and out of the box thinking, this range is marmite, you will love or hate it because of its radical design. My recommendation is hang up your reservations and simply try a rod, you may be really surprised.

The Handle, A Revelation In Design - Why Has No-one Redesigned Handles Like This Over The Last Century!

Zense Rod Handle

The handle is where the magic of the ArcticSilver range occurs so let us start there. The handle is composite with 40% carbon fibre and hollow to allow the blank to flex fully. The grip is like a pistol grip not circular like on standard fly rods, it looks unusual however once you have held the rod for some time you will be surprised at how comfortable it is. Every time a ring or hook eye is added to the rod blank it causes the action of the blank to be impaired, you are strapping a piece of metal with guides or hook eyes and these impair the blank action. So with ArcticSilver rods the hook eye is cunningly built into the rear of the handle reducing another minor but restriction on the rod blank to maximise the rod blank action.

The final piece of magic from the handle comes with the reel retainer. We are all used to the traditional reel seats where we screw in our reels. The team at ArcticSilver have redeveloped the real seat completely. Gone is the messy screws system and here you will find a unique CNC machines, saltwater resistant aluminium 6061 reel seat with a wonderful Quick-Lock systems. Simply push the reel against the Quick-Lock and slide in place. In seconds your reel can be taken on or off of the rod. The reel fits with a unique trigger so simply fit the front reel into the fitting and push the reel towards the blank, the spring fitting slides and the reel will simply click into place. Even with cold hands this is simple compares to traditional screw fitting reel seats.

For me finally the last piece of magic with this reel handle, as it is composite not only does it feel nice but when I am looking for sea trout or bass it is so easy to clean and remove the saltwater. Being lazy it is nice to be able to clean my gear so quickly.

The Rod Blank

So because of the magical handle with its hollow centre the Nano technology blank is free to move and work right down to the butt of the rod. As you cast you can see the blank move within the handle.  The upper three sections have some attractive details and the build is conventional smooth, slim blank, matt olive paint, lined butt-rings, snake intermediate guides, alignment marks. In the butt section you will find the amazing features of this rod. The butt houses the unique hollow grip which is moulded composite with an integral reel seat. The ArcticSilver rods use the full power potential of the blank by allowing it to bend freely. This lets you load the rod all the way into the butt section of the blank, where the rod’s power potential is stored. Simple...yes, and it works.  The result is a blank charged with energy more efficiently and effortlessly – something that is easily felt, and something that translates into a unique feeling during casting and fighting with the fish. The ArcticSilver rods come in different actions Medium/ Deep or Medium/Fast, the deep has a fighting action much like the pleasure of I used to get from cane rods. With both actions the blank works fully though the rod, subduing fish easing pressure on the leader. The Fast action rods work really well when casting out large streamers or with the ArcticSilver micro diameter fly lines I have found them superb at propelling a fly line in strong winds..... not that we get them in Yorkshire lol.

With ArcticSilver to be honest the rod gave me the pleasure of using a cane rod when catching a fish, the feel of a fast rod loading the flyline and casting. Most important was using these rods my casting has changed completely. I use the ArcticSilver compact head micro diameter fly lines, extend sufficient line to get to the sweet spot, one backcast and let the line fly and I will regularly hit 25 yards with no effort. Working harder and loading the rod I can get the line out even further. However for me the magic of a single backcast creating a 25 yard plus cast has been magical. I am having to false cast about 1/3 of the time I used to cast on a day because of the stunning action propelling the fly line, the result I do not feel as tired but when I get a bite wow, the rod blank action comes in full.


The Rod Case

As you would expect with any good quality fly rod their is a nice solid rod case to protect your investment.

ArcticSilver Rod Case

ArcticSilver Rod Case and Bag

ArcticSilver Warranty

Last thing to consider is the warranty with any rod, ArcticSilver although new to the UK are well known through Scandinavia and Germany which are the territories they launched in and they have been trading for a long time in those countries. Through The Essential Fly this is their first full venture into the UK. The ArcticSilver ZENSE Rod Blanks are covered by a lifetime warranty for the original owner against material defects. The Free-Flex handle is insured with a separate warranty for 5 years against material defects. There is also a Rainy Day Warranty for those accidents that happen with car doors, wading boots or incidents we all regret.


When used with the Arctic Silver Micro Diameter fly lines these rods have blown me away. Yes I must say I have the opportunity to use a good range of rods through the business. However I have scrapped Nano rods that I used to use from 2 manufacturers and all my other rods. My rod range is now really simple, the #4 8' 6" for rivers and streams, the #6 10' is my all round boat, stillwater and beach saltwater rod and the #10 9' has become my Pike and big fish rod for saltwater.  I have paired these with ArcticSilver Micro Diameter Compact fly lines.

My only criticism to date is there is not a #10 fly line to pair with my Pike rod, PLEASE PLEASE let me have one of those asap!

ArcticSilver Rod Video




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