Semperfli 6 Finger Scissors Released

Semperfli 6 Finger Scissors In Hand - Free Your Fingers!

In America Singlebarbed's Sixth Finger Scissors are all the rage, we played with them and loved them for fly tying! We decided we had to get our own versions made and they are now available. These surgical-grade stainless steel fly tying scissors are designed to remain in the hand for the duration of the tying session. One over-sized finger hole allows the scissor to be worn like a wedding ring at the base of the finger and keeps the points away from your work- and them precious eyeballs.








Unlike normal scissors which are designed to be held at all times have been on the market for some time, they are often too bulky, and restrict the tyer's hand from performing even the most basic of fly tying tasks. These Semperfli 6Finger Scissors are unique as the small diameter ring allows your fingers to have a full range of motion while tying.

They are also amazingly easy to operate, simply close your hand to make a cut, using the thumb to press on the spring-loaded handle. Once you get using these you will not go back to standard scissors for most of your fly tying needs as these are just so convenient.

- Andy

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