What Fishing Hook Sizes Are There?

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Hooks come in many different sizes according to their usage, saltwater and predator hooks are usually the largest and range typically in fly fishing from 5/0 down to 1/0 (aught sizes) then 1 down to size 10. Freshwater flies typically range from size 4 down to size 32!

Saltwater Hook Sizes


Streamer Hook Sizes
Saltwater Hook Sizes


As these size charts show Hooks start in Augt or /0 sizes with a 5/0 larger than a 3/0, the larger the number in front of the slash "/" then the larger the hook. From size 1/0 hook sizes go from 1 and increase in number so a size 10 hook is much larger than a size 20 hook and a size 32 hook is smallest of them all, and yes fly fishermen tie flies as small as size 32.


Size 16/0 Tuna Circle Hook Dressed as a Buzzer (For Demonstration) with Size 10 Buzzer


Size 32 Buzzer With A Biro For Scale!

Size 32 BuzzerSize 32 Buzzer

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