Dubbing Material… Do you experiment?

For a while now I have been using bits of fluff from around the house to supplement my dubbing collection. I regularly bag up shredded wool & nylon that my cats have plucked from the living room carpet. I have used the light fluffy fur from the cats belly to make nice bodies on Grey Duster variants, and find the course fibres from other parts of the cat are great for making Nymphs... gold ribbed cats ears anyone? I would really like to try their whiskers for mayfly tails but they don’t seem to fall out that often!

At one of my tying classes belly button fluff was suggested, It didn’t get a great response, but if you  think of the origins of Tups Indispensable, belly button doesn’t sound that bad after all!  If you have a spare 5 mins, and the wife wants you to empty the tumble dryer, why not tip the filter contents into your dubbing box at the same time?  If it’s anything like mine you will find dozens of different colours and fibres to use, you might even be lucky enough to come across the occasional pound coin too! The options are endless if you are willing to let your imagination run wild. . . .  Have a go!

- Jamie

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