Flashback Blank Buster Buzzer Flies

Designed for bright days when the sun reflects off the back of the buzzers as the come to the surface to emerge into midges. These are deadly summer trout flies.

Trout Buzers Hatch Guide

Sandy's Flashback Blank Buster Buzzers Range

Buzzers are midge pupa, they take their name from the buzzing noise they make when in a swarm. Buzzers hatch out on virtually every day of the year. Normally they are fished as part of a team of flies, with a long leader and very slow retrieve.

Sandy Dickson is on of the top fly deisgners in the UK and designs flies exclusively for The Essential Fly, critical buzzers Sandy's Flashback Blank Buster Buzzers are designed to imitate as closely as possible the natural buzzers, with hot coloured heads that act as targets for hungry trout. This is the closest to a natural buzzer you can use without trying to thread a real buzzer onto your hook.

Sandy's Flashback Blank Buster Buzzer's gives a natural ribbed effect to the fly. This fly has worked wonders on stillwaters, ideally they are fished very slowly on a floating line and as long a leader as you are can use. With its weight the Flashback Buzzer cuts rapidly through the surface film and gets to fishing depth quickly. A very slow figure-of-eight retrieve is normally best; occasionally if there is a lot of buzzer activity fairly fast stripping can work well. Quite often this will be taken on the drop.

How Were Sandy's Flashback Buzzers Designed?

Andy & Sandy were fishing at a Scottish stillwater on a very bright day. Sitting on a jetty and resting to chat we took time to observe the buzzers coming to the surface to hatch. As it was such a bright day we say as they moved to the surface the sun would flash across their backs as thy moved upwards to the surface with their unique wriggling action in that wonderful 'J' shape. The idea was born through observation, we trialed Flashback buzzers with a highly reflective tinsel from Semperfli and cast them into the stillwater on our next visit. We had always had great sucess with Sandys Blank Buster Buzzers but on bright sunny days these buzzer flies outfished traditional buzzers significantly. That was it the Flashback Buzzers range evolved!