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Barbless Suspender Buzzer Olive

Barbless Suspender Buzzer Olive£1.50

Available in Fly Size(s)

Suspender Buzzer Black

Suspender Buzzer Black£1.25


Available in Fly Size(s)
12, 14, 16.

Suspender Buzzer Brown

Suspender Buzzer Brown£1.25


Available in Fly Size(s)
12, 14, 16.

Suspender Buzzer Olive

Suspender Buzzer Olive£1.25


Available in Fly Size(s)
12, 16.

Suspender Buzzer Red

Suspender Buzzer Red£1.25


Available in Fly Size(s)
12, 14, 16.

The Suspender & Indicator Fly Collection

The Suspender & Indicator Fly Collection£28.50

Trout Suspender Buzzers Fly Bundle

Trout Suspender Buzzers Fly Bundle£15.00

Suspender Buzzer Nymph Bundle

Unibobber Suspender Buzzer Black

Unibobber Suspender Buzzer Black£1.30

Fly Size 10

Unibobber Suspender Buzzer Red

Unibobber Suspender Buzzer Red£1.30

Fly Size 10


What Does This Buzzer Imitate

The emerger is the pupa that is resting just prior to hatching, loved by Rainbow and Brown Trout. These flies hang like the natural emerger it imitates. These use cdc or materials which are extremely buoyant.

Trout Buzers Hatch Guide

Emerger Flies Imitated By Suspenders

Trout feeding on an emerger can usually be seen visually like dry fly feeding fish. Many people mistake a trout feeding on an emerger as a fish taking an adult fly which is not the case. This can easily be distinguished by watching the way the fish is feeding. If the trout is rising dorsal fin, tail, then kicking down either creating a bulge or splashy rise it is usually feeding on an emerger and the perfect time to use a suspender buzzer. Large trout feeding on emergers usually just create a bulge. The key is to see if the fish is showing its head, and if it is not then it is usually feeding on an emerger just subsurface and this is the time that you must fish with emerger type patterns like Suspender Buzzers

Fishing Techniques

These buzzers can be fished singly or on droppers. Use floatant such as Gink if neccessary and case using a tapered leader to ensure that the fly unfurls through the case. Watch and wait, trout will bulge then kick down, takes can be very fast with these buzzers



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