Tungsten Depth Charge Buzzers

Heavy duty slimline Blank Buster Buzzers with tungsen bead heads for rapid sinking. These are stunning fish catchers, let drift as a team on a floating line then simply lift & drop your line moving the buzzers in the feeding zone. Tungsten buzzers will often get deep where the large trout are ready to pounce,

Check our midge family hatch frequency and guide to fishing with buzzers for more information when and where to use the different colours and increase your chances of catching that nice trout.

Buzzers Hatch Guide

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Depth charge buzzers ideal point flies



Very effective at dawn, dusk or dull days

Orange & Yellow

Best on bright days


Coloured water and bad light

Luminious Buzzer & Sparklemet Lumi Buzzers

Best 1 hour before dawn and deadly 1 hour before dusk

Flash Attack & Silver Flashback

Use anytime of day