Damselflies & Dragonfly Trout Fly Patterns

Blue and green damsels are frequently seen darting about ponds and lakes. Damselflies (suborder Zygoptera) are insects in the order Odonata.

damsel & dragon fly hatches for trout

Fishing A Damsel Fly Pattern

Cast your Damsel fly on a tapered leader close to the margins, particularly around large reeds where the damsel is seen flying. The female will lay her eggs on the water or crawl underwater hence this is the way to best present the damsel fly patterns.

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Crippled Damsel Foam

Crippled Damsel Foam£1.50

Available in Fly Size(s)
10, 12.

Damsel Blue

Damsel Blue£1.50


Available in Fly Size(s)
10, 12.

Demoisalle Dads

Demoisalle Dads£1.50


Available in Fly Size(s)
10, 12.

Demoisalle Dads Green Variant

Demoisalle Dads Green Variant£1.50


Available in Fly Size(s)
10, 12.

Odonata Dragonflies & Damsels Collection

Odonata Dragonflies & Damsels Collection£7.40


Dragonflies & Damsels Dries & Nymphs 15 Flies

Stillwater Fly Selection

Stillwater Fly Selection£23.65

20 essential stillwater dry fly patterns, ranging from size 10 to 14.

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