Tapered Leaders

What Are tapers?  A tapered leader is used to help present the fly perfectly. For fly fishing the leader has a thick butt section attached to the flyline and thin point where the fly is attached. With its continuous taper energy is transferred down the flyline through the leader giving a perfect turnover of the fly for presentation gently to the hungry fish below.

Transparent leaders have always been a backbone of our fly fishing, again adding Stroft or Seaguar Grand Max tippet material according to water colour. When going for really fussy Rainbows, those large beauties that spook at the slightest thing we use tapers for good presentation often extending these to 20 feet with single buzzers or cdc emergers on! As the trout buzzers emerge 365 days per year we have always found this a deadly technique on most waters. When the trout circle they do not get spooked by other flies or coloured lines or indicators. Indeed my local small fishery is one where the trout are extremely wary, often they will not take a cdc emerger or dry fly until they have "rushed" the fly and made it start to sink! Using a long leader

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