Watch Out For This Hatch Late Summer

What's happening on rivers?


Given shorter days and cooling weather, water temperatures will be dropping to more comfortable levels that in turn kick start daytime fly hatches once more, chief amongst which will be Large dark olives (LDOs). And close on the tail of this common upwinged species will be the much smaller and more delicate looking Pale watery

Where both species occur, they will happily emerge side by side, giving us perhaps some of the best dry fly fishing in the closing days of the season.

What do you look for?


Most upwings prefer cloud cover for hatching as it makes them harder to detect by various predators, so try to plan your fishing trip to coincide with cloudy, rainy days. Large darks olives are fairly easy to identify as they equate to approx a size 14 hook and as their name suggests they are a dark olive colour.

Pale wateries are much smaller and are typically copied using size 16-18 hooks.  Again, as their name implies they are a pale, wishy-washy yellow shade, making them unmistakable

What gear is appropriate to use?

A standard 9ft for a 5-weight rod like the Wychwood RS2 is absolutely fine though anglers after a little more finesse might consider a 4-weight outfit like the Wychwood Drift

Where space permits, do bear in mind longer rods of 10-footers offer superior control when it comes to line mending.

As we’re nearing the autumnal equinox, blustery weather makes handling longer leaders more tricky.  With that, remember to stay in the bounds of 9-12ft as these are much easier to manage now.

We’re fans of the Wychwood camo mode 12ft nylon tapers with a 4lb tippet strength.

Finally, eye protection is important when fly fishing and the Wychwood tips sunglasses offer excellent value for money
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