The flexibility and fun these flies offer is incredible. The movement in the water is deadly!

Totally flexible flies = Blank Buster Nomads!

Blank Buster Nomads have been created by Sandy Dickson as his variant of the traditional Nomad created by Rob Spiller. The Blank Buster Range is a range of flies developed by Sandy to imitate flies in their different stages of development from buzzer, emerger, to dry fly and as a lure pattern for still waters.

Is this not the answer to an angler's prayer? A fly range that offers you total choice and flexibility regardless of the weather, light or water conditions? We think so.  In fact we know so! We fish them!

Flies in focus - Blank Buster Nomads

The Blank Buster Nomad can be considered a leech or as a small fish with the movement from its marabou tail and micro cactus chenille body.  As a trout lure / streamer, this fly can be used standalone or as part of a team of flies.

This is an ideal universal fly!  Read on to see more!

These flies are designed to give you total fishing flexibillity in that they can be used in different light conditions and different times of day.  The table below shows you which Blank Buster Nomad to use when. 


How to cast the Blank Buster Nomad

Cast using a leader of 9 to 15 feet, 12 foot being normal. Retrieve using a figure of 8 retrieve stopping to allow the fly to sink or alternatively use stripping retrieving the fly quickly to provoke the trout. Key is to get action from the marabou and micro chenille.

Green "Bright Day"

Very effective at dawn, dusk or dull days


Very effective at dawn, dust or dull days

Green "Bright Day" & Yellow

Best on bright days

Green Dull Day

Coloured water and bad light

Sparklemet Lumi

Best 1 hour before dawn and deadly 1 hour before dusk

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