Selecting A Fly Rods For Pike Fly Fishing

Pike Fly Rod Selection

We'd recommend ideally that you use #10 weight fly rods for Pike as these have the backbone to stop a heavy Pike run and avoid Pike damage. Pike Rods need strong backbones to turnover the heavy leaders and metal traces for heavy Pike flies or Deceivers as they are frequently called.

Why Use Strong Rods?

Fly fishing for pike demands the use of robust fly rods to be able to cast the heavy pike fly lines required to present large flies. A 9 or 10 foot rod designed to cast a 10 weight fly line may also possess adequate backbone to restrain large fish. Pike landed and returned to water quickly, while using the least amount amount of fuss, will recover so much more quickly than fish that happen to be played to a standstill on light weight rods. This really is especially true in hot weather when oxygen levels are low, and in Trout waters where pike grow to specimen size a bit more quickly but tend to have a shorter life span because of their bulk. There is no place in modern fly fishing for line class fishing where praise was once given for landing specimen fish using the lightest line possible.

What to Know More?

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