Must Have Flies For April on Stillwaters

Must Have Flies For April on Stillwaters

April Stillwater Lure Fly Collection

Hand picked by our inhouse experts especially for you! Land more fish with these flies!

Included in the April Hatch Chart Fly Selection are the following

1 - Humungous Gold Ls #10

2 - White Cats Whisker #10

3 - Nomad Viva #10

4 - Nomad Cats #10

5 - Cormorant #10

6 - Viva Straggle Cormorant #10

7 - Lime Dancer #10

8 - Black Dancer #10

9 - Olive Cormorant #10

10 - Black Zonker #10

11 - Cat Devil #10

12 - Carron Cat #10

Early Season On Stillwaters

The early season on the stillwaters can prove challenging! Water temperatures are likely to be cold and fly life tends to be sparse. This sometimes leaves us with little option than to rely on lures as our main tactic. The Essential Fly selection of April lures are sure to get the trout excited and with luck, you’ll soon be netting fish!

Seek Shelter

Ideally, look for sheltered spots, away from the cold wind where fishing is much more pleasurable! The trout will often sit a little deeper during April, so it’s wise to carry a fast intermediate or sinking line to get your flies down that bit quicker.

Slow and Steady Wins!

Mix your retrieves up to tempt fish, often the slower the better at this time of year! Given this, begin with a slow figure of eight before, before progressing to slow pulls and finally a faster retrieve. It's all about figuring out what the fish prefer and at what depth they are holding!

Think About Your Tippet

With regards to tippet materials, think about opting for strong fluorocarbon tippet from 8lb to 10lb as hopefully, you’ll cross paths with some of the larger, into some of the overwintered Rainbow Trout!

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