Mega Fishing This Autumn

What To Fish After Brown Trout?
Traditionally the Brown Trout season ends on 30th September, though this might extend a week longer in a couple of regions, like Derbyshire for example.  Given this, our thoughts turn to Grayling proper.  The good news here is that Grayling are highly tolerate of cooler water temperatures and will be extremely active throughout October.  Better still, this month often produces some very good fly hatches in the form of Large Dark Olives and Pale Wateries.
As frosts are now a threat, we can’t realistically expect to find Grayling rising from dawn until dusk.  The best of any activity is bound to occur from midday and into the late afternoon, when it’s important we’re prepared with a dry fly and in the correct place... That said, a spare outfit set up with Nymphs, or Spiders is a shrewd move.
What To Look For
It’s a known fact Grayling are fond of the swifter parts of a river, especially if Autumn temperatures are kind to us.  With that, we should begin our search at the head of pools and because a fair push of water exists, Nymphs and or Spiders should be our first choice.

Come the afternoon, any lethargic flies will have accumulated on the slower parts of a pool, typically towards the pool tail.  Here, we can expect to find Grayling dimpling during the latter part of the day.
What To Use
Many consider a 5-weight outfit their “go to” on rivers. However, in the interests of more delicate presentation on glassy like pools a 4-weight, or even 3-weight outfit will give you an edge.
Longer rods too certainly help with line management when it comes to swinging Spiders, or Nymphs and given this, we recommend rods of 10ft-10.5ft in length with the Vision Onki series being a popular choice.

Usually, you would arrange Spiders as a team of three, you can make up your own leader with droppers however the Leeda Profil Knotted Tapered Leader comes complete with two droppers, so you can spend more time fishing.
When it comes to Dry Flies for Grayling, you won’t go far wrong with a 9 foot Tapered Leader with 3 foot of 2.86lb The Essential Fly Fluorocarbon Tippet.

Ideally you want a 4lb leader when fishing Grayling.

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