Fly Fishing With Crunchers

When a buzzer hatch is on, these cruncher flies come into their own.  It is best fished on the top dropper of a droppered leader where the hackle gives a better disturbance on the water.

Try using a buzzer or diawl bach on the middle dropper - creating a great rig.

The cruncher is usually fishing on an intermediate or floating line using a figure of eight retrieve.  You will actually find a lot of anglers using the cruncher fly around still waters and competition scene for rainbow trout in particular. 

Our Crunchers are available in both barbed or barbless hooks. 


Shortcut To Your Ideal Cruncher Rig Shopping List!

  1. Choose your Cruncher
  2. Choose your Buzzer
  3. Choose your Diawl Bach
  4. Choose Your Droppered Leader


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