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Mike Harding
Charles Jardine
The Stig
Mike Harding - Heritage Range of Flies

Our Mike Harding Range of Northern Fly patterns are tied to the traditional patterns. The flies are all designed from Mike's excellent book on Northern Spider patterns. Check it out, it is really good!

Tied as part of our Heritage Range these flies are tied with real silk and the best quality materials - just as these flies should be!

Developed on the fast-flowing rivers of northern England, on both sides of the Pennines, soft hackle or spider flies like the Snipe and Purple and the Partridge and Orange have been traditionally used since the nineteenth century and beyond, and are just as effective in the chalk streams of Hampshire, the lochs of Connemara or even the freestone rivers of the Appalachians in the United States.

The Snipe Bloa is one of the classic English North Country spider style flies used all over the world in fly fishing. It is often known as the Light Snipe Spider.

Talk to Mike and many fishermen in Wharfedale and Ribblesdale and this is known to be a real killer. The feathers for this hackle are the light, soft, grey feathers from under the snipe's wing. There are only a handful of these feathers in each wing,

The Poult Bloa is a great traditional northen spider. The “poult” refers to the feather, which in this case comes from the blue undercover feathers of a young Grouse wing.
Edmunds & Lee insist that only a young Grouse feather will do because it has the right shade of light slate blue. They also insist that all tying thread used in their flies is waxed. This is perhaps because, in their day, the silk then was not as tough as it is now and the wax helped to strengthen it.
Mike Harding has waxed the thread very lightly so as to preserve the colour.

See the full range of Mike Harding flies here!
Charles Jardine
The Stig
A technique that has stood the test of time, where the Leggy Pheasant Tail is fished sub-surface and is retrieved slowly using a 'Figure-of-Eight' manipulation of the line in the hand. A floating or intermediate line can be used to retrieve the Leggy Pheasant Tail.
Simple, Effective & Deadly the Pin Fry range from The Stig is a must for Rainbow, Brown and Sea Trout fishing.

Available in a range of colours there is a perfect match for your prey!
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